A Rockin’ Celebrity Happening: Tom Morello + Workers vs Wal-Mart

Tom Morello

When the AFL CIO, UFCW and others were mounting efforts to echo the voices of Wal-Mart workers, Big Bowl of Ideas set to work on identifying various celebrities and notables to do so along with many others at work as a ramp up to Black Friday. Among the results, was getting hard-charging, kick-ass, world-renown guitarist Tom Morello to do a digital shout-out to the workers.

Making arrangements with his team, we caught up with him after a performance he had just done for Voices of a People’s History (which BBOI was also excited to support with promotion and in-kind services) in Los Angeles. With no more than some poster board and a gigantic jumbo marker, we got a shot and it got pushed out into the digital universe.


Tom Morello

Boom. Done. Hello echo chamber for workers’ voices.

If you’re interested in how artists and popular culture can amplify voices for your campaign or cause, let us know.

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