A Full Year of Design Forward Buttons of the Month. And They Keep Rockin’
In March 2019, we started issuing a button of the month about a given social justice cause, message, theme or icon that was relevant to a given month. We give them away for free. It’s our way of making an expression outside of the work we do for our clients and projects. A year of action buttons While they varied widely on topics and content, we approached them all through a very design forward lens. We wanted to make a button that even competing firms’ staff would want to wear. We wanted the design to be so distinct that it might pull in someone who doesn’t know anything about the topic or person that appears on a collar or backpack. While we primarily give them away via mail to people on our email listserv (click here to sign-up), we also experienced an uptick in design savvy retailers who gave them away at their front counters. This included the amazing Go Get ‘Em Tiger coffee shops (exploding all over LA), The Ace Hotel, The House of Woo gift shop, HVW8 Art Gallery and the upscale streetwear shop Union.  people-rocking-buttons
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