Helping the CA Governor Welcome Angelenos and See Themselves and Their Environment

We were asked to outfit the new Los Angeles office for the Governor of California with art that reflected the people and places of Southern California. It became kind of a big deal once we realized that there had not been a Los Angeles for over 8 years. After meeting with the Governor’s team about goals for the space, we got busy.

art space

Because this is a functioning office, as opposed to a gallery or pop-up space, it did present some challenges. What should a person see while they are waiting? What can you put above someone’s desk that speaks to all while not isolating the person working there? By keeping our focus on art that reflected the many diverse communities and landscapes of Los Angeles, we were able to put together a composition of pieces for a memorable visual experience for visitors.


Approaching it like a long-term pop-up group show, we reached out to a variety of artists and integrated those with works that came from East LA’s Self Help Graphics. 

Here are the artists whose works were featured: Michael Massenburg, Ernesto Yerena, Natalie Collins, George Evans, Jody Zellen, Frank Romero, Trinely ‘Clover’ Garcia, Eloy Torres, Michael Shields, Jose Gonzalez, Yun Bai, Marianne Sedowski, Sally Mincher, Ana Serrano, Lionel Kahn.


Body of Work