Stories Project Transforming Boys to Men

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We are glad to be working with another interesting Big Bowl of Ideas client and project. They are called Story for All and they seek to educate, empower, and heal people and communities through the sharingof stories.Their African American Oral History Project which manifested as Griots of Oakland, was a breakthrough initiative using a variety of storytelling techniques (old school and new school) to empower and affirm the voices of   African American boys and men.  Done for the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency’s Center for Healthy Schools and Communities, it uplifted the voices of African American male youth in Oakland. In so doing, it raised awareness about their reality and changed the discourse on how they were perceived.

 The work with them will be taking this model, rebranding it for national application and devising a strategic plan and path forward for their intended expansion and scaling up of the model in crucially needed communities.  This also includes the identification of program partners across the US who may already be engaged in work related to boys and men of color — some of whom are part of President Obama’s recent “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, and others.


 Join the conversation about the possibilities of this work and where it can go or best serve target populations as well as thinking about potential partners who could maximize its potential.



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