Street Harassment in CA


Stop Telling Women To Smile Art Project 

Big Bowl of Ideas worked with STWTS artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh to devise an approach to her provocative art project raising awareness about the street harassment women face every day.

Rather than just roll up into a city and start wheat pasting, BBOI worked with her on crafting residencies in different cities, with a diverse mix of activities to amplify the work, give it more texture, get it to new spaces and audiences, plus generate additional media.

This mix of activities included an exhibit at the art gallery Betti Ono in Oakland, being a featured artist for the Downtown LA Art Walk, plus appearances and group discussions with UN Women, Santa Monica College, lithograph signings at El Nopal Press, and yes, more wheat pasting all over the Bay Area and LA. BBOI generated connections, pitched to various institutions and organizations, and conceived specific activities on behalf of its artist client.

This piece in LA Weekly captures part of the public reaction to the work during Tatyana’s residency in Los Angeles

You can find out more about this dynamic project on its regular website or keep up with it in real time on its Tumblr page with contributions from the artist and women all over the country who have been inspired and empowered by the work.

Was great to look at the iPad screen today and see this great New York Times article about our client “Stop Telling Women To Smile” and artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh. We’re so happy for her and the project as a way to further amplify the voices of women to stop street harassment. This just a day after another piece on CNN was posted following her “week in residence” in Atlanta where we worked with faculty at Georgia State University over several months to produce a number of activities and discussions.
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