Transforming Health-Based Annual Reports Into A Beautiful Patchwork Quilt of Hope

While many in our post-2016-election era remain anxious about maintaining healthcare under a new administration, the Endowment for Health is making a bold statement to expand and grow accessible healthcare throughout New England.

Prior Design Approach: 2014 Endowment for Health Annual Report Front and Back Cover


BBOI ‘Remix’ Design: 2016 Endowment for Health Annual Report Front and Back Cover

Taking the weighty, thoughtful material of a traditional Annual Report and turning it into accessible popular message for all communities is no easy task. After going through our VAVIA (Vision and Values, Images, Applications) process, we came up with a look and motif for them that blended classic New Hampshire with the more diverse and modern New Hampshire ahead using a quilt pattern and geometric shapes mixed with pop art duotones.

With the Endowment’s Annual Report complete, the organization’s communication and social media platforms needed a strong touch-up as well. Keeping up with supporters means the need for a new email template that dives into the Endowment’s priorities, promotes Endowment-funded resources, and presents industry hot topics. Linking to the concept and design the report, we created dynamic image montage strips to be used on all social media platforms, along with infographics emphasizing the reports’ strongest facts.

We worked to create a very different Annual Report—one that will be more accessible to non-donor, non-policy wonk audiences. We’re always honored to work with organizations like the Endowment for Health who are fighting to improve health and healthcare accessibility for the most vulnerable and underserved in our communities.

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