LA’s Diversity Was Just A Stones Throw Away and Voting Was A Grand Performance

BBOI Principal Wyatt Closs donated time, energy and vision to serve as curator for “Stones Throw Picnic”, a community-based, family-oriented popular culture event for the venerable Los Angeles cultural arts summer series Grand Performances. GPR_ST - Flyer Front and Back


Featuring artists from the underground yet world-renown Stones Throw Records label, including its founder and leader DJ-Producer Peanut Butter Wolf, what might have been a normal hip-hop and funk concert became a memorable community moment. With additional curated features like the Beat Swap Meet vinyl record open-air market, Voter Registration by Headcount and AAVREP (with reinforcement by the artists on stage), and a Kids Breakdance Contest, it was a different kind of Saturday in the park for sure.


GPR_STR - Day Of - Breakdance 1


GPR_STP - Day of - Beat Swap Meet 1 GPR_STP - Day of - Control Board GPR_STP - Day of - Crowd 1 Tight GPR_STP - Day of - PBW Jimi


















The result? Over 4000 people in attendance on a July 4 weekend, over 2.5K responses on the Facebook Event page (an all-time high for Grand Performances) and over 100 people registered to vote.

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