What it Took to Artify a Day About Wellbeing

We were pleased to be part of a production team contracted with the City of Santa Monica to mount its first-ever Wellbeing Summit. This was an event with international, national and local visitors all focused on how cities can innovate and be a catalyst for smart ideas that improve the health and wellbeing of its residents. 

Our primary contribution to this effort had to do with driving and managing the look and feel of the Summit and provide the visual experience for attendees through artful installations, wayfinding, and other creative elements across this day long event. 

Captivating Artful Installations

One key component of the visual experience was the creation and build out of 3 different installations that would anchor the landscape of the event and engage attendees using art, data, or both. We made giant data vizualization cubes out of sets of data from the City of Santa Monica Office of Wellbeing. We created a realistic looking ‘City of Wellbeing Under Construction’ site and also a super vibrant 44-foot long Expression Wall. All of which were very Instagrammable.


Dynamic Wayfinding

We also worked with the SaMo Office of Wellbeing on wayfinding that would be highly functional in directing people but also contribute to the visual gaze as people navigated the two buildings, 20 rooms and outdoor plaza area with two entry points. Adapting the artwork of Santa Monica artist Jody Zellen and working with a graphic designer assigned to the production team, we generated a full complement of signage from large banners to workshop signs to a ‘shopping mall’ style kiosk. 

Artist Outreach

To accomplish these bodies of work required the engagement of 7 artists and artisans, who had not worked with each other before. Our cultivated relationships allow us to do such with complete trust and passion by all parties. Its one of the things we do that separates us from average public affairs firms. BBOI led discussions, developed plans and sorted out roles for everyone on this ad hoc team, pulling all together, to bring the summit’s visual experience to life. 

All in all, it was a great day to make these contributions to such an important event, that stoked conversations from Santa Monica to around the globe about what it means to be a city of wellbeing. Shout out to the good folks at Bridgestreet for having us as part of the production team. We look forward to more adventures with you all ahead!


Body of Work