Campaign on Car Washes Gets Spiffed Up

It was great to think about the branding possibilities for the inspiring Car Wash Workers Organizing Campaign in Los Angeles. A struggle for years now to bring justice for an exploited workforce, there have been some recent breakthroughs in the campaign and it seemed like a good moment to create a new look for the chapters that lie ahead.

Using our VAVIA (Values, Vision, Images, Applications) approach, a branding strategy document was produced and several designs developed. Some were abstract. Others way more vibrant than before with prominent greens and yellows. But the selection in the end was something closer to what the campaign felt was a balance between its origin and where it’s trying to go. Its historical color scheme mixed with a car motif and the sense of building a movement with the hands serving as spokes in the wheel.

In addition, the phrasing ‘A Better Car Wash’ was introduced, serving as a way to capture something for workers, owners, and consumers alike—better standards, better treatment, better service, a better life.

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