How We Made Ranked Choice Voting Pop in NYC

BBOI created dynamic, art-forward content for recently wrapped up a campaign to educate New Yorkers on Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). In case you’re not of New York City, for the first time there was a Ranked Choice Voting system in the June 2021 primary election, which included the city’s mayoral race.

The team over at F.Y. EYE, whose platform distributed some of our 2020 Election designs, reached out to raise awareness about this somewhat new, and often misunderstood, system of electing officials for political office (check out Hasan Minhaj’s in-depth breakdown on RCV, or a quick 2-minute breakdown here). This project first included a full page print ad in New York magazine and digital shares that would be utilized as digital ads on Coinstar machines and on screens across the client’s PSA network throughout the city. We really liked the idea that this would have our work showcased in some non-traditional spaces. 


We went to work first on the print ad (above), collaborating with artist Cey Adams to utilize one of his American Flag works as a focal point. With our always diligent work on devising copy and concepts, we focused on how Ranked Choice Voting was even more empowering for each voter. And drummed up a number of analogies to that value. One of the message frames we carefully considered during ideation was that ‘democracy is getting an upgrade’ with Ranked Choice Voting. We utilized similar phrasing for this print design. Below are 4 other designs that made their way to the client’s PSA Network.

Print Ad in New Yorker magazine, June 2021


Our next phase of this project was creating more pop art graphics that were a wink to artist Roy Lichenstein, but with people of color as the subjects, based on our ‘megaphone’ design from phase one. These would be utilized for social media, print publications throughout New York, such as AMNY & Brooklyn Daily Eagle, and Digital Newsstand Displays across the city, including Penn Station and Grand Central. We even caught a glimpse of our designs being projected onto a building in Union Square during the election cycle!

We’re no strangers to getting the word out about elections, so if you need a team that can create multi-faceted campaigns throughout your city, from ideation to execution, reach out and find out what Big Bowl of Ideas can do for you.

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