Shining and Weaving the Future of Long Term Care

Recently formed SEIU Local 2015 – the largest local union in the state of California at over 300,000 members – had over 2000 long-term care workers from across the state at Los Angeles Convention Center for their first annual Leadership Assembly. Members speaking seven different languages from almost every county in the state came together under the same roof for the two-day event, illustrating one of SEIU 2015’s greatest strengths: its diversity. BBOI was proud to provide SEIU 2015 with its full range of services to translate the notion of intertwined diversity into the assembly’s visual environment and user experience, helping members proudly declare, “We Are California!”

Even before entering the convention center, SEIU 2015 members knew they had arrived when they saw the jewel-toned sliding glass doors at the entrance coated in SEIU 2015’s colors and logo. Once inside, members were surrounded by more of BBOI’s handywork – from the signage in the registration area, to the wifi-equipped Cyber Cafe, to the custom marquee “chandelier” of multiple banners in varying sizes and colors hanging from the ceiling – welcoming them to their assembly.

The Weaving Motif = Strength Through Diversity

The member and attendee experience continued with a BBOI-produced giant wallpaper archway that included the names of all the represented counties, twelve oversize hanging banners that highlighted SEIU 2015’s values, and a stage set made from colorful braided cloth panels. This weaving motif reflected the notion of SEIU 2015’s diverse members being woven together by their union and being strong as a result. The motif appeared again in the BBOI-produced opening video, which featured inspired interviews with the local’s officers and imagery that reflected SEIU 2015’s statewide reach and strength. The ideas for these elements usually began with a simple sketch in a notebook, and then evolved into mockups, draft designs and eventually a finished product!

At the leadership assembly, BBOI collaborated with the SEIU 2015 team on event production and logistics, as well as hands-on preparation for the assembly on-site at the convention center. It was yet another wonderful opportunity to highlight what BBOI can do when tasked with providing a full array of services and products for a specific event. Congratulations to SEIU 2015 for pulling off a powerful assembly that brought together so many hard working long-term care employees and inspired further collective action!

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