Rebranding 866 OUR VOTE: New Looks for New Audiences About A Sacred Right

In the weeks leading up to Election Day 2016, we embarked on a campaign with the Election Protection (EP) coalition, a coalition of more than 100 local, state and national partners that works year-round to advance and defend the right to vote. EP is anchored by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, who brought Big Bowl of Ideas in to help spread the word about EP’s voter helpline, 866-OUR-VOTE. People with questions or problems at the polls in any election can call 866-OUR-VOTE to be connected with a trained and knowledgeable volunteer who can straighten out the issue. It’s an important resource in the fight to defend voting rights.

Flipping the Script with EP Branding

Our first task was to update EP’s branding by creating a new, appealing logo that incorporated the helpline and could have a variety of applications: from social media to t-shirts to yard signs. It also needed to reach new, younger audience and be less ‘officious’ in look but rather represented the value of empowerment and being a voice. We presented EP with a series of options, and based on their target demographics, settled on the dynamic yet concise “quote bubble” logo, which has a wide appeal and is easy to take in. Here’s a before (left) and after (right) of the EP logo:


Spreading The Word with Social Media

Once we settled on the logo, we began our campaign to reach new audiences about the 866-OUR-VOTE resource, primarily focusing on creating a multi-faceted array of original digital shares that appealed to a range of voter demographics and could be used by partners and affiliates across social media platforms and digital advertising. Once we created the shares, we fashioned and distributed a Social Media Kit that gave all of the EP partners the ability to easily post our original content in a coordinated and strategic way.

We created sets of original digital shares, each with a distinct theme, look, and feel. Check out some examples of each set:

For the first set of shares, we worked with visual artists Ben Arnon, Favianna Rodriguez, Sheila Pree Bright, Deedee Cheriel and Russel Craig to repurpose some of their compelling works to promote the 866-OUR-VOTE helpline:

epc-russel-craig-share-v4 epc-visual-art-share-favianna epc-ben-arnon-cropped-v2

The “Silhouette” shares depicted overlapping monochrome silhouettes that represent a range of types of voters, from college student to elderly woman to immigrant:

epc-silhouette-digital-share-01  epc-silhouette-digital-share-03  epc-silhouette-digital-share-02

Our “I Will Not Be Denied” set featured eclectic, striking photos of main character(s) from across ages and backgrounds, each with a empowered quote about how they will not be denied their right to vote:

epc-i-will-not-be-denied-2 epc-i-will-not-be-denied-3-01 epc-i-will-not-be-denied-4

The “EPC Had My Back” series focused on real reports of voting problems received by 866-OUR-VOTE, highlighting those stories and how Election Protection was effective in sorting out the issues:

epc-intimidation-share-v3 epc-has-my-back-id-address epc-has-my-back-line-at-polls

With the combination of our poignant original content and strategic digital ad purchases on Facebook, we were able to increase Election Protection’s reach and post engagement significantly, as well as diversify the demographics of that reach. EP Facebook page likes alone increased by 15% and on Twitter, our original content produced high numbers of impressions and a strong engagement rate.

866-OUR-VOTE In The Field

In a more physical application of EP’s new branding, we produced t-shirts, yard signs and buttons for the thousands of Election Protection volunteers around the country who were on the ground working to ensure a fair and equal election. Our designs for these products made it easy for voters at the polls to identify EP volunteers and remind them of the 866-OUR-VOTE resource:

shirts-and-sign shirt-back new-yardsign

It was an honor to work with the Election Protection coalition to help them with their efforts leading up to and on Election Day 2016. They are yet another example of the great folks we work with year-round who are proudly fighting for voting rights, social justice and racial equality.

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