Except where noted, BBOI’s Wyatt Closs served as the Producer of these events

 Conferences (Large Scale/Multiple Days)

SEIU International Convention (Program Director) – San Juan, PR (2008)

SEIU International Convention (Day 1 and 2 Director) – San Francisco, CA (2004)

SEIU Social and Economic Justice Conference – Atlanta, GA (2006)

SEIU Regional Civil and Human Rights Conferences – Chicago, IL,(x2) Oakland, CA, Boston, MA,   (1996 – 2001 – 8 Total)

SEIU National Legislative Conference – Washington, DC (1998 – 2000)

ULTCW Leadership Summit (2010)


Conferences/Special Events (Intimate/One Day)

Regional Leadership Conferences(x3) – Oakland, Pomona, Los Angeles (2012)

Presidential Inauguration Watch Breakfast @ Sundance Film Fest – Park City, UT (2009)


Post-Katrina  National Community Partner Roundtable – St. Louis, MO (2005)

Post-9/11 Forum

Regional Leadership Retreats

President’s Committee Strategic Planning Sessions


Art Events/Club-Based Events/Parties

Billie Holiday Birthday Bash – Washington, DC (1999-2001)

Jean-Michel Basquiat Party – Washington, DC (2000)

“RIPE” weekly series – Washington, DC

“Logout” weekly series – Washington, DC

“Sauce” weekly live music series – Washington DC

Exhibit Opening “Stepping Up” Multi-Artist Show – Los Angeles

Exhibit Opening “Hands On Healing” Multi-Artist Show – Los Angeles

Exhibit Opening “We Are The Heartbeat of California” Multi-Artist Show – Los Angeles

“We Are Family” Multi-Union Celebration – Denver, CO (May 2012)


Street Fairs/Expos/Rallies/Concerts

Coalition Expo – Washington, DC

Fresh Start Festival – Los Angeles/Echo Park (2010)

Fresh Start Festival – Los Angeles/Watts (2011)

Fresh Start Festival – Oakland, CA (2011)

Take Back Labor Day Concert – Minneapolis, MN – September 2008

Healthy Works Health Fair – Los Angeles (2009)

One Nation Working Together – Los Angeles, CA  (2011)

Homecare Rally – Los Angeles, CA  (2009)

One Nation Working Together “Blogmobile” Tour – Multiple Cities (2011)


Screenings (for Organizing “Grass Tops” and with Discussion Panels)

“American Blackout” – Atlanta, GA; Washington, DC; Columbus, OH; Detroit, MI (2006)

“Youngest Candidate” – Multiple Cities (2008)

“Trouble The Water” – Washington, DC (2008)

“Gospel Hill”– Denver, CO; Raleigh, NC; Washington, DC (2008)

“A Better Life” – Los Angeles, CA (2011)


Body of Work