Wanna Go In Four Directions At Top Speed In Three Weeks for Low-Wage Workers? Yes!


1 of 20 creative products for #WageAction effort

1 of 20 digital creative products for #WageAction effort in Boston, Springfield and Worcester, Massachusetts

We were pleased and excited to work on the #WageAction effort in Massachusetts. The challenge was ambitious which was to produce digital media content — 50+ curated shares and content calendar, 20 original shares created, original ads, and oh yeah, a 90-second motion graphics video — to be used in a three-week window. Such is life in progressive campaign land, which we know all too well at BBOI, but it was still a daring feat.

We will have some other items to share from this effort but take a look at this photo gallery of the original shares generated, which is also a part of the Projects and Case Studies page as well.

Body of Work