What Is That Magnificent Glow? The Act of Voting

Glad to have produced this work of art and its multiple applications to promote voter registration and the importance of voting to the disaffected but rising American electorate for #EmbraceYourPower. One of a few ways in which BBOI is engaged for 2014 Elections.

This neon art represents literally the power and awesomeness of voting and it will be used to shine a light on communities who feel that sense of empowerment.

A whimsical play on neon “Palm Reader” signage, this is instead saying ‘Make your own future, by voting.’ It was a great collaboration with artists like Patrick Martinez, plus designers, organizers, and photographers—increasingly a BBOI production model. Find amazing people for a particular thing, get them together, and boom.

As you’ll see below, the work is being featured in different ways from digital to ground—videos, photo essay series, stickers, storefront posters. Please share with others.

Body of Work